Podcast #102: Remembering Bob Saget w/ Mike Young

This special episode of The Comedy Castle podcast has Tom and producer Joel Fragomeni interview comedian Mike Young about his twelve years on the road as the opener of the late comedy legend, Bob Saget. As a Michigander, Mike tells of Bob’s love of Detroit and The Comedy Castle, Bob’s unusual path to the starring role on Full House, and why no small town Subway was safe from Bob on the road. Mike also shares the details of Bob’s tribute show – coming soon to Netflix! – with Jim Carrey, Chris Rock, John Mayer and more. It’s a wonderful talk, hat shows how big the heart of Bob Saget was, and how much he’ll be missed by everyone. Also, Mike talks his upcoming made-in-Michigan movie, “Stealing Jokes” and the hilarious way he stays so humble. If that’s not enough, this week’s headliner, Quinn Patterson, can be heard on an archive episode here, and tix are at the link below.

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