Podcast #140: Ryan Niemiller/Yakov Smirnoff

A plus-sized podcast has this weekend’s headliner and America’s Got Talent star Ryan Niemiller, and comedy legend Yakov Smirnoff who performs on Sunday. Ryan tells Joel how AGT changed his life, how his love of professional wrestling led to the comedy stage, and why he’s thrilled that an 80’s heartthrob is now his friend. Then, Yakov (starts at 44:26) tells about wild times living at the “Comedy Store House” with other legends, how Ronald Reagan employed his comedy style and why the “Russian Reversal” joke (“TV Watches You!) isn’t really what he did primarily, but he’s proud of being associated with it. He also evaluates Joel’s relationship and interviewing skills – “You Suck!“. Tickets for Ryan And Yakov’s shows can be found at the link below.

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